Watch the processions of Malaga’s Holy Week 2016 at Alcazaba Premium Hostel

As so many other fellow locals, at Alcazaba Premium Hostel we are already counting the days left for the Holy Week to start. This event, declared of International Tourist Interest in 1980, is undoubtedly the most famous, spectacular and unique of traditions in our city, as Holy Week is lived in Andalusia not with with meditation and silence as in Northern Spain, but it is full of happiness, noise, cheer, spontaneous saetas (flamenco verses sung at the processions) and applause as the images pass by.

Located at the very foot of Malaga’s Alcazaba, in the very heart of downtown Malaga, our hostel enjoys a privileged location that allows our guests to enjoy the emblematic processions that have been present in the city for over 500 years.

These days, thousands of people are in the hunt of a cheap hostel in Malaga, and at Alcazaba Premium Hostel we have an extraordinary added value that sets us ahead of the competition as one of the best hostels in Malaga. From our rooftop terrace y and restaurant Batik, our guests will be able to enjoy an extraordinary aerial view of all the processions that march down and around Alcazabilla street. These are quite a few and leave a special aroma of incense and flowers at our very doorstep.

If you don’t want to miss out on any of the processions that will be visiting us during the Passion Week, check out some of the most important events that can be seen from our hostel and rooftop terrace:


Preliminary parades

Friday 11 March

Estudiantes: from the church of Cristo de la Salud to the Casa Hermandad in Alcazabilla, at 10pm.

Route: Granada, Siglo, Molina Lario, Santa María, Cister, Alcazabilla, C.H.


Thursday 17 March

El Rico: Parish Church of Santiago, at 9pm.

Route: Granada, Plaza de María Guerrero, Victoria, Mundo Nuevo, Don Juan Temboury, Alcazabilla and Victoria.



Sunday 20 March

La Humildad: from Santa María de la Victoria.

Route: […] Plaza de la Merced (9pm), Victoria […].


Monday 21 March

Cristo de los Estudiantes: Casa Hermandad (Alcazabilla).

Route: Casa Hermandad (6:45pm), Cister, Duque de la Victoria […] Alcazabilla (2am), Casa Hermandad.


Wednesday 23 March

El Rico: Parish Church of Santiago.

Route: Granada, Plaza de la Merced, Plaza de María Guerrero, Victoria, Plaza de Jesús “El Rico”, Alcazabilla (7:15pm), […] San Agustín, Alcazabilla (1am), Casa Hermandad.


Friday 25 March

El Sepulcro: from the Cister Convent to the Casa Hermandad in Alcazabilla.

Route: Casa Hermandad, Alcazabilla (8:30pm), […] Plaza de la Aduana, Alcazabilla (1:45am), Casa Hermandad.


For more info on the routes and time schedules of Malaga’s Holy Week, click here.

We will be waiting for you at Alcazaba Premium Hostel to enjoy an unforgettable Holy Week, from the privileged location of the best hostel in Malaga.

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