Valentine’s Day Dinner 2019 at Our Boutique Hotel: A Romantic Getaway in Style

25-01-2019, Batik

Valentine’s Day 2019 is coming soon and that makes our hearts melt… Cupid’s arrow has reached our Malaga hostel resulting in a delicious and very exciting special menu for this Valentine’s Dinner.

Are you looking for a place like a hotel for couples to complete the best romantic getaway? We have the solution! Take a look at the dishes from Batik restaurant’s kitchen team and we assure you that you’ll fall head over heels for this menu!

Valentine’s Day 2019 Accompanied by an Arousing Menu

Maybe you were waiting for a special night like this to propose or you wanted to make a move to seduce that very special person you’re “getting to know more”. Perhaps this is an important day for you and the person you share your life with since years ago… Any reason is valid to enjoy this Valentine’s Menu at Batik! The perfect end for a lovely night.

Sure… love is blind, but we don’t need to read minds to know that these dishes will make your heart race. Look at this: Margarita oyster and Truffled butterfish nigiri Italian styled. Have you already been seduced by them? What about a Teriyaki eel with toasted noodles? Are we gaining ground? Well, keep reading because we’ve saved the best for last…

This Valentine’s Day Dinner 2019 ends with a Roasted duck with walnut foam and veggie textures and, of course, the legendary Snow White Apple. A fairytale dessert!

But we have more surprises in store apart from our special dishes. Our kitchen team have worked very hard to elaborate this Valentine’s Dinner at our boutique hotel and we can’t forget that they have also chosen each wine to perfectly pair with every dish. A romantic pairing experience! Is there something that matches better with this exclusive menu than our selection of wines? You’ll have to figure that out!

A Perfect Valentine’s Day 2019 in Our Malaga Hostel

The Batik restaurant from our Malaga hostel will offer you this Valentine’s Day 2019 an aphrodisiac menu during the whole week. That’s right, we are crazy in love! Don’t miss the opportunity and try our Valentine’s Dinner from 11 to 17 February.

Valentine’s Day 2019 is just another day… but love is always in the air! Remember: if our menu has won your heart, make a reservation and call us at 952 22 10 45 or send us an email to Let love conquer your palate in our boutique hotel!

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