Rooftop in Malaga: Bartending Taken to a Higher Level

08-02-2018, Rooftop Terrace
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Our rooftop in Malaga just got an upgrade as our staff attended the Mixoflair bartending course in Malaga sponsored by Fabbri, and surely our clients have already enjoyed their acrobatics more than once. On December 4th and 5th, our staff mates had the opportunity to attend this course organized by the cocktail products brand Fabbri, at one of the Premium family rooftop terraces, La Terraza de San Juan. The Mixoflair course was taught by the renowned bartenders Pedro Garcia and Luca Corradini, who shared all their knowledge to the cocktail shaker rhythm. Want to know more about the course that will take bartending in Malaga to another level?

Bartending course at our rooftop terrace in Malaga.

Bartending Course in Malaga for Grupo Premium

At our hostel we keep looking for that extra element that makes the difference between a night out and a Premium experience. That is why, since our opening day, we wanted our rooftop in Malaga‘s city centre to be synonymous with quality cocktails, something radically different from the usual and boring mixed drinks. What better way to achieve this than with Fabbri’s course and the help of two experienced cocktail shaker jugglers?

The course, attended by both our rooftop terrace and our restaurant Batik staff, was divided into two of the disciplines that distinguish the amateur bartender from the professional: mixology and flair. Mixology, led by Luca Corradini, focuses on the complicated drink mixes. A good bartender must know his cocktail menu like the back of his hand, and be able to make recommendations to the most demanding customers. The flair is the acrobatic part of your favourite mixed drink and was taught by Pedro García. Now, every time you order your drink you will enjoy it with all five senses. Can you hear the ice rattling inside the shaker?

Acrobatic cocktails are not easy at all, but who are we kidding – our bartenders had a great time perfecting their technique with cocktails like the Green Park, the Manhattan or the exotic Dragon Fizz. Real mouth-watering treats!

Now it’s over to you. With all the techniques they have learned, it is time for you to come and assess their progress. No one like you will know how to enjoy their abilities. Do not hesitate anymore and be impressed by the most refreshing juggling in the unparalleled setting of our rooftop terrace in Malaga. It doesn’t get much better than this!

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