Pokémon GO: Why Is Everyone Crazy About the Pokestop in Malaga?

03-10-2018, Premium Hostel
Pokémon GO: Why Is Everyone Crazy About the Pokestop in Malaga?
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Pokémon GO seems to never fade away. Some people thought this was going to be a passing fancy, but it is clear now that Pokémon GO is going to stay for long. Both the developers’ work and the fans’ passion for Pokémon GO made the pokestops in Malaga never stop spinning.

At our boutique hostel, as we told you in this article about the excellent welcome Pokémon GO received in the city, we have a privileged location to capture these digital creatures. Do you want to know more about Pokémon GO latest features? We’ll tell you everything about the most popular augmented reality game!

Pokémon GO – More Collaborative than Ever Before

Since its release, Pokémon GO offered the option to join different teams. Now, these teams are more relevant than ever, as you can collaborate with your fellow team members in incursions on nearby Pokémon gyms. This way, the game achieves a unique collaborative experience and, above all, you will be able to get legendary Pokémons.

As if this was not enough, the developers included the “Community Day”. A day every month during which Pokémons overflow every pokestop in Malaga. You’ll find them even in our boutique hostel corridors! By the way, every Community Day there are special Pokémons. One of the latest one was the cute Chikorita, which Pokémon fans could catch in the special “multicolor” version.

The Best Pokestops in Malaga by Our Boutique Hostel

We already told you about where to find the pokestop Malaga map thanks to Ingress. But, we are going to make it easier for you. In downtown Malaga you will find the greatest amount of pokestops. However, if you are staying at our hostel in Malaga, visiting Batik restaurant or our rooftop terrace, Pokémons will catch you!

From our premises you will reach the Cine Albéniz pokestop. And, a few meters down the street, El Pimpi pokestop. Two of the most visited pokestops in Malaga, frequented by the rarest Pokémons. But, if you want to go far and beyond, around our boutique hostel you will find hundreds of pokestops. We are surrounded by the main tourist attractions and highlights in the capital of the Costa del Sol.

So, whether you want to enjoy a cocktail at our rooftop terrace, after a long Community Day catching Pokémons, or you seek to relax with your friends, discussing which team will get away with the next raid, our hostel in Malaga is the best option to catch Pokémons with no effort.

Discover Pokémon GO at Alcazaba Premium Hostel and… go catch ‘em all!

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