Alternative Malaga: 4 Plans to Enjoy a Different Malaga

2018-05-18, Premium Hostel

Alternative Malaga: 4 Plans to Enjoy a Different Malaga

Would you like to get to know the alternative Malaga? Are you tired of always doing the same thing? Don’t miss out on these plans and try something different in Malaga, a city that never ceases to amaze (especially now that summer is around the corner!). No wonder it’s one of the most popular cities in Spain… Stop worrying about what to do and pay attention to our guide of unique and different Malaga activities:

Big doses of art, fashion, music and theatre!

1. Artsenal
2. La Fábrica
3. Flamingos Vintage Kilo
4. Microteatro Málaga

1: The Alternative Malaga Hides a Cultural “Artsenal” with Sea Views

A few steps away from our hostel, you’ll find Artsenal: a 1700 square-meter alternative space used as an open platform for national and international artists of all sorts.

The perfect spot to discover an alternative Malaga in a pleasant atmosphere. It’s located next to Centre Pompidou in Muelle Uno, the city’s new quayside and already a popular cultural place among the locals.

Artsenal is an open space fully integrated with the environment that includes contemporary artworks of all disciplines. If you’re wondering about what to do in Malaga, as an alternative to traditional museums, this is undoubtedly the perfect plan! This amazing space includes a graffiti wall, an audio-visual area for short films, an art gallery area with paintings and photographs, a co-working area, an events and concerts area, a bar and everything you can imagine that fits into this alternative cultural space (fashion design, poetry recitals, books presentations, etc.). Unquestionably, it offers a unique cultural guide, that also includes periodic children's activities, flamenco workshops and language exchanges: the perfect activities if you are looking for a meeting point to get to know new people and learn or practice other languages.

If you don’t know this particular place of the alternative Malaga yet, have a look at their agenda and make sure you include Artsenal among your new Malaga activities.

2: La Fábrica: Unique Craft Beer in the Very Heart of El Soho

In the mood for some good music paired with craft local beer? Another great option to taste a wide variety of beers and homemade food is visiting La Fábrica microbrewery in Malaga’s Soho: a place filled with urban and industrial design, and surrounded by striking street art!

La Fábrica is a 1200-square-meter surface area, with capacity for 450 people, where you can taste up to7 different craft beers, choose from an amazing gastronomic offer and enjoy excellent live music. The perfect plan to break away from everyday routine!

La Fábrica’s two master brewers know how to create a unique flavour, inspired by El Soho, that will captivate you from the first sip. Its master chef, Mario Rosado, gives his all to offer you a flavour explosion that will make your mouth water just by looking at his unique and delicious creations. And all of this accompanied by great live music to explore alternative Malaga artists and get a local cultural outlook. We assure you that visiting La Fábrica will be one your favourite Malaga activities.

3: Flamingos Malaga by Vintage Kilo: Vintage Clothes Sold by Weight

If you are fond of shopping, we have the perfect alternative plan for you. A special and different Malaga store: Flamingos.

It's was about time we had a new concept of selling clothes: sale by weight. Vintage Kilo is an original and bourgeoning clothes company with more than 24 shops in Spain’s most cosmopolitan cities. Their slogan “tanto pesa, tanto vale”means that you’ll pay for the clothes according to their weight.

Flamingos Malaga is located in the very heart of the city centre, in calle Ollerias. A shop where you’ll find uncommon vintage clothes from North America sold by weight. Tempting, right?

Headquartered in Texas, its team has been working for years to find unique pieces of clothing in cities like New York or L.A. and sell them at the best price. They have three different rates: 13, 24 and 39 euros per kilogram. You can buy a kilo of original vintage clothes brought directly from USA like if you’re buying a kilo of salmon or almonds. Easy-peasy! You’ll find Flamingos in calle Ollerias, 27, from 10am to 2pm and 4.30pm to 9.30pm (Monday to Saturday). A different activity for a different Malaga!

4: Microteatro: Theatre for Everyone!

If you cannot live without culture, don’t miss out on this plan. The perfect activity if you want to discover the hipster side of Malaga. Microteatro is such a cosy place that offers you the possibility of meeting your friends, tasting a delicious dinner, attending literary workshops, enjoying art exhibitions and joining a book club. But, without a doubt, the activity that gives it its name is the most popular: micro theatre in its original basement performance halls.

If you are a fan of short films and you are looking for peculiar Malaga activities, you better give this plan a try! Every week, a 15-square-meter theatre holds 15-minute plays for an audience of 15 people. Just be sure to visit it from 8.30pm to 1.20am: one of its four basement halls will be waiting for you. A really special, intimate experience you will never forget!

Moreover, if you are looking for a plan to make with kids, Microteatro has got your back: they have plays for children on weekend mornings.

Definitely, the alternative Malaga has a lot to offer. Don’t wait for others to tell you: get out there and experience these plans first-hand! And this is only the beginning… Stay tuned for the second part of the full guide on the best alternative plans in Malaga!


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