La Vuelta 2018 in Malaga Started Next to Our Malaga Hostel

La Vuelta 2018 in Malaga Started Next to Our Malaga Hostel
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La Vuelta 2018 in Malaga started the 25th of August. Once again, one of the three great cycling stage races chose our city as starting point for this professional tour. This time our downtown Malaga hostel was lucky enough to experience the presentation and the beginning of the tour from a privileged location.

On its 73th edition, 22 teams and their 176 cyclists met next to our Malaga hostel for the tour’s presentation in beautiful surroundings near Malaga’s Alcazaba and the ancient Teatro Romano.

La Vuelta 2018 in Malaga Near Alcazaba Premium Hostel

Our Malaga hostel’s remarkable location enables us to experience unique events in the best way. The Malaga Film Festival, the Feria, and now La Vuelta 2018 in Malaga. These professional cyclists will go round 21 stages on two wheels. Four of the stages started in the province of Malaga but only the opening started a few feet away from our charming hostel.

Surely, all teams were delighted with the surroundings chosen by the tour’s organisation in order to welcome the presentation of La Vuelta 2018 in Malaga next to Alcazaba Premium Hostel with the impressive Teatro Romano and Malaga’s Alcazaba in the background. This is where the different teams and professional cyclists were introduced. This official presentation took place the 23th of August in a festive and relaxed atmosphere which usually precedes these international events.

La Vuelta 2018 in Malaga with a Better Perspective

The time trial is the opening trial par excellence in the great cycling stage races. It’s a perfect first contact for what’s coming.

The colourful snake took to the streets of downtown Malaga as well as thousands of fans. The 8 km (5 miles) racing line was packed with fans and the stage started from the surroundings of Muelle 1 and ended in the magnificent Calle Larios, passing very close to our centric Malaga hostel. This is like a sightseeing tour in the city and that’s why people call it the museum stage, since it goes through the most significant streets and some of the most important museums in Malaga.

The stage was so close to our hostel that anyone who wanted to enjoy a good cocktail to refresh in this warm cycling afternoon could see the time trial from La Terraza de Alcazaba. An excellent place to enjoy the opening stage of La Vuelta 2018 in Malaga.

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