Andalusia Day: A Perfect February 28th at Our Centric Malaga Restaurant

06-03-2019, Batik

February 28th is Andalusia Day, an awaited regional celebration to recall part of our history. At Batik, our Malaga restaurant, the feeling of the Andalusian white and green flag invaded us and that’s why we want to celebrate this event in style. Do you know any nice place to go from February 28th to the 3rd of March? We offer you an Andalusian gastronomic event this February 28th with the charming view of Malaga’s Alcazaba. Discover what comes next!

An Andalusia Day as Never Before Thanks to Our Malaga Restaurant

Andalusia Day isa very popular regional holiday  that Andalusian people celebrate every year on February 28th since 1980. This refers to the day in which a referendum was held in order to make Andalusia an autonomous community. Apart from the historical approach, this day is a perfect opportunity to honour the gastronomy of this beautiful land. That’s the reason why we want to spend the Andalusia Day with you in our Malaga restaurant and pay homage to our community and its gastronomy, culture and traditions. Of course, there are some ingredients of our Mediterranean diet that must be included in our selection of individual dishes… Guess which ones!

At our Malaga restaurant we came to the conclusion that Andalusia Day won’t be the same without a refreshing typical Málaga salad but in our own way: Codfish tempura, sweetsour orange and Peruvian causa. Once you get the fork into your mouth, you’ll discover why every Andalusian loves the sweet and salty taste of this classic dish.  And what about one of the classics of our gastronomy like the Oxtail, this time paired with its broth and roasted celery knob? The best andalú dish ever!

During Andalusia Day, a dish of migas is a delicacy for any Andalusian, that’s for sure. It is made with bread, chorizo or bacon, vegetables and is often served with grapes or melon. At our Malaga restaurant we have Sea migas with orza tuna, pepper and wakame foam, a new version of this traditional recipe that you must share with your loved ones as tradition says. Besides, we definitely wanted to offer you the delicious Bienmesabe, a typical almond dessert from Antequera, a place known as the heart of Andalusia due to its unique location. Try this dessert out once you tasted these Andalusian delicacies, elaborated by our experienced kitchen team.

Enjoy Our Andalusian Cuisine This February 28th at Our Malaga Restaurant

If you’re looking forward to spend an unforgettable Andalusia Day, we’re always at your disposal in our Malaga restaurant. We offer you a wide variety of dishes and a great plan after that: enjoying an amazing cocktail at our Terraza de la Alcazaba with the spectacular views of downtown Malaga.

Call us at +34 952 22 10 45 or send us an email to Remember the Andalusia’s history this February 28th along with its outstanding gastronomy in the very heart of Malaga.

Have a nice Andalusia Day!

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