Andalucía Económica Highlights Our Malaga Hostel Qualities

30-04-2019, Premium Hostel

Andalucía Económica featured our establishments in an article in its catering section. This independent publication writes about all the establishments that make up the Premium Group, analysing the qualities of each one. Our hostel in Malaga is among them, so we wanted to share with you this great news by Andalucía Económica. Find out what our strengths are!

Andalucía Económica Points Out Our Hostel in Malaga as a Benchmark in the Sector

Andalucía Económica publishes, in a detailed way, the analysis they carry out about establishments with potential future, such as our Malaga hostel. Today it is a leading publication in the business industry, and also an information platform through which some of the decisions made by various companies and public administrations are transmitted. To the Premium Group it is a great honour to be backed by Andalucía Económica.

Andalucía Económica addresses the beginning of the Premium Group and explains that each one of our establishments was founded thanks to our hotel and catering vocation. In 2015, Alcazaba Premium Hostel, our Malaga hostel, was presented, together with the Terraza de la Alcazaba and Batik restaurant, one of the most characteristic places in downtown Malaga after so many years. Our goal has always been to offer excellent quality based on a fun and original gastronomy. Likewise, our modern and exclusive design makes your stay in the heart of the city unforgettable.

Andalucía Económica Remarks the Premium Group’s Modern Challenge

Andalucía Económica remarks the Premium Group’s contribution to the city and how its commitment to avant-garde establishments has helped us be at the forefront of the sector. At our hostel in Malaga, the best reference we have to improve is our customers’ opinion. As we undertake changes and new challenges to the hotel and catering sector, we see our progress in satisfying the customers visiting each of our establishments. Andalucía Económica highlighted us as a reference in these sectors also because of our commitment to social causes and event organisation, whether for individuals or large companies.

The Premium Group has magnificent locations that offer the best cultural and leisure offer to our clients, as well as gastronomic and hotel experiences without even leaving the heart of the city. If you are looking for the most innovative accommodation, our hostel in Malaga is made for you. The Premium Group is always a sure hit. Come and enjoy a Premium experience in style! We will be waiting for you!

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