Alternative Malaga: The Best Plans to Enjoy a Different Malaga

14-06-2019, Premium Hostel
Alternative Malaga: The Best Plans to Enjoy a Different Malaga
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Would you like to get to know the alternative Malaga? Are you tired of always doing the same thing? Don’t miss out on these plans and try something different in to discover the hidden Malaga and do something out of the ordinary. A city where there is no room for boredom, especially now that Summer is approaching. No wonder it’s one of the most popular cities in Spain… At Alcazaba Premium Hostel we want you to discover what to do in Malaga in a new and exciting way, so we are going to offer you an exclusive guide on unique and different Malaga activities.

Pay attention! Our guide includes big doses of art, fashion, music, theatre and much more.

1. Gravura Workshop
2. La Fábrica
3. Flamingos Vintage Kilo
4. Casarabonela Botanic Garden
5. Las Lagunillas
6. Yubá
7. La Brecha
8. Albéniz Cinema
9. Península
10. La Térmica
11. La Cochera Cabaret
12. Cultopia Tourist Routes
13. Contenedor Cultural – University of Malaga
14. Srta. White Shop
15. Art Shampop
16. Ateneo
17. La Casa Amarilla
18. Maria Victoria Atencia
19. ola·lá
20. Villa Puchero Factory
21. CAC
22. Re-Read
23. Teatro Cánovas
24. Casa Sostoa
25. El Patio de La Invisible
26. Caverna de Amores
27. La Terraza Oasis
28. Art & Breakfast

1. Gravura Gallery: Carve Your Own Plan in Malaga

The Gravura Gallery and Workshop, located in front of the Church of San Juan, is a very old building. If you don’t know what to do in Malaga and you want to discover part of the city’s history, come and discover this singular workshop. Since it opened its doors in 1979, this establishment has offered its art in the form of engravings. Within its four walls many artists have sculpted and produced part of their art, including José Faria, Michele Lehmann, Francisco Peinado, Natalia Resnik, Ana Bellido and Eryk Pall. Just a few steps away from downtown Malaga, this workshop has become one of the most charming corners of alternative Malaga.

Gravura is, for sure, the origin of the artistic side for many people interested in learning the basics of chalcographic engraving, photography and drawing. Paco Aguilar is in charge of conducting workshops and introductory classes throughout the year, as well as of organizing, together with Mariana Martín and Inmaculada Carrasco, contemporary art exhibitions. One of the specialities of this workshop is teaching hollow engraving during the month of July, which is open to everyone. And there’s more: if all these notions about engraving work up an appetite, don’t hesitate to visit the Yubá restaurant, just a few metres away from the workshop.

2. La Fábrica: Unique Craft Beer in the Very Heart of El Soho

In the mood for some good music paired with craft local beer? Another great option to taste a wide variety of beers and homemade food is visiting La Fábrica microbrewery in Malaga’s Soho: a place filled with urban and industrial design, and surrounded by striking street art!

La Fábrica is a 1200-square-meter surface area, with capacity for 450 people, where you can taste up to7 different craft beers, choose from an amazing gastronomic offer and enjoy excellent live music. The perfect plan to break away from everyday routine!

La Fábrica’s two master brewers know how to create a unique flavour, inspired by El Soho, that will captivate you from the first sip. Its master chef, Mario Rosado, gives his all to offer you a flavour explosion that will make your mouth water just by looking at his unique and delicious creations. And all of this accompanied by great live music to explore alternative Malaga artists and get a local cultural outlook. We assure you that visiting La Fábrica will be one your favourite Malaga activities.

3. Flamingos Malaga by Vintage Kilo: Vintage Clothes Sold by Weight

If you are fond of shopping, we have the perfect alternative plan for you. A special and different Malaga store: Flamingos.

It’s was about time we had a new concept of selling clothes: sale by weight. Vintage Kilo is an original and bourgeoning clothes company with more than 24 shops in Spain’s most cosmopolitan cities. Their slogan “tanto pesa, tanto vale”means that you’ll pay for the clothes according to their weight.

Flamingos Malaga is located in the very heart of the city centre, in calle Ollerias. A shop where you’ll find uncommon vintage clothes from North America sold by weight. Tempting, right?

Headquartered in Texas, its team has been working for years to find unique pieces of clothing in cities like New York or L.A. and sell them at the best price. They have three different rates: 13, 24 and 39 euros per kilogram. You can buy a kilo of original vintage clothes brought directly from USA like if you’re buying a kilo of salmon or almonds. Easy-peasy! You’ll find Flamingos in calle Ollerias, 27, from 10am to 2pm and 4.30pm to 9.30pm (Monday to Saturday). A different activity for a different Malaga!

4. The Most Floral Alternative Malaga: Casarabonela Botanic Garden

Among the plans in Malaga that we suggest, this botanical garden with cactus and other succulent plants is a destination located in a town near the capital, in the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park. If you are looking for a quiet and pleasant place to spend a great day discovering a multitude of plants, you can’t miss this splendid botanical garden. With its broad collection of cacti and succulent plants, it is a unique space in Europe.

If you’re wondering what to do in Malaga, the list of great plans seems endless. In addition, the alternative Malaga also offers opportunities like this, to spend hours and hours learning about the origin and characteristics of this type of plants in a natural and relaxing environment. This magnificent garden is one of our treasures designed by Edwige Bravard and Joan Gabriel Mora. Thanks to the care and dedication they put into maintaining all these species since the 90s, today we can admire the great variety of plants that make up this genuine natural paradise.

Dare to leave the city of Malaga to explore the beautiful village of Casarabonela and, at the same time, stir your passion for flora in one of the most emblematic corners of the province. Aren’t you curious about those over 2,000 species that live together in this magnificent garden? A fairy-tale plan in Malaga!

5. Las Lagunillas: One of the Plans in Malaga with More Street Art

More plans in Malaga to enjoy the real local art? No doubts: Las Lagunillas neighbourhood. A humble neighbourhood that was hit by administrative errors, and reinvented itself thanks to its neighbours creativity and initiative. The spontaneous and genuine Soho in Malaga.

Although it does not have much visibility, it is located in the heart of the city centre, just behind Plaza de La Merced and very close to Malaga cultural icons such as the house where Picasso was born or Teatro Cervantes, the city theatre. This forgotten neighbourhood is the birthplace of important personalities such as the lawyer and politician Victoria Kent and the sculptor Francisco Palma Burgos.

Las Lagunillas neighbourhood suffered its great decline when, at the end of the 20th century, the Administration had the “brilliant idea” of demolishing houses and building residential blocks to create a modern area more attractive to tourists. After the expropriation and demolition of most of the area buildings, the project never came to an end and left the authentic residential Malaga neighbourhood, with its characteristic taverns, shops and low storied houses, full of plots and abandoned houses. This led to the gradual area impoverishment and the real protagonists of the neighbourhood history appearance: its neighbours. They reacted with the best they had: their art, their creativity and their concern to make Las Lagunillas a place full of authentic local art. On each corner you will find walls with murals and graffiti full of references to the most emblematic city characters and the neighbours’ concerns and feelings.

Thus, for example, the Fantasía in Lagunillas (Fantasy in Lagunillas) association emerged, created by Miguel Ángel Chamorro, an artist from the neighbourhood who realized that children and young people needed to get in touch with culture and raise greater concerns than watching the most recent trendy reality show. Young people needed to learn how to dream. Thanks to the workshops this association organizes with youngsters from the neighbourhood, street art flourishes in every corner, such as the well-known Plaza Esperanza, a parking lot transformed into a basketball court and a meeting place for the youth, or Calle Pinillos mural, with works by the neighbourhood’s children.

Another creative initiative was the creation of an urban “black-board” on which to write daily motivational phrases for neighbours. Dita Segura, a local artist, joined Concha Rodríguez’s idea, also an artist, and together they developed El futuro está muy Grease (The Future is Really ‘Grease’) association. They attracted local graffiti artists to turn the neighbourhood’s demands into authentic street art. This way one of the neighbourhood’s icon was born, made by the graffiti artist Doger: El Cristo de los Solares y La Virgen del Descampao (The Christ of the Lots and the Virgin of the Wasteland).

This unknown alternative hood in the hidden Malaga is brimming with art, an art that reminds us of the most charismatic and emblematic characters in the city: Picasso’s Guernica replicas on the very street, tributes to characters such as the flamenco singer La Cañeta, the dancer Pepito Vargas (who accompanied widely recognised flamenco artists such as Camarón, Lola Flores and Concha Piquer), the street singer “El Chamorra”, who was forced to beg for money singing in bars and hotels due to his addiction problems (everyone in Malaga has enjoyed his torn voice singing “Cantinero de Cuba”). There are also numerous nameless murals devoted to anonymous faces, landscapes and freedom mottos that captivate the visitor on a walk through the streets.

But not all the charm in the neighbourhood is found outdoors. For example, in La Caverna de Amores hides a creation, exhibition and learning centre where music and acting collectives meet. It offers photography or dance courses and also organises exhibitions. You can also visit the social bicycle workshop La Bici Guapa or the creative coworking studio El Cosmonauta. Nearby, we also find La Polivalente, which aims to host future generations by means of art, theatre and dance.

In addition, in Las Lagunillas you can enjoy the taste of the alternative Malaga if you visit their more traditional stores. They offer wines, beers and other local products. A must for a night in Malaga: Las Camborias bar, where you can explore the most authentic art on the neighbourhood.

This natural and spontaneous Soho, with an unlimited source of outdoor canvases, is an ideal haven to get to know the authentic urban art in an alternative Malaga. We are also lucky to have it just a few metres away from Alcazaba Premium Hostel. There is no excuse to enjoy the murals that are still used as a loudspeaker for the social movement in this neighbourhood.

6. Yubá, the Taste of the First and Only Gastro-Hotel in Malaga

If you are looking for plans in Malaga or an alternative to the regular restaurants, Yubá does not leave anyone indifferent. From its vegetation-filled decoration to its meticulously set lighting, all its elements transport you to a very exotic colonial atmosphere. But, if there is one thing that stands out about Yubá, that is its menu, which brings together culinary creations from some 15 countries. You would not expect less from a restaurant on the first and only gastro-hotel in the city.

Located on Malaga Premium Hotel’s first floor, visitors will be able to travel through Africa, Asia, Europe and America with a unique gastronomic offer. A Mediterranean and international cuisine fusion that makes this restaurant in Malaga the perfect alternative for the most demanding foodies. Besides, if you are looking for plans in Malaga for a different cocktail night, there is an extensive and delicious menu with first class mixes. Let yourself be impressed by its bartenders acrobatics!

7. La Brecha: The Hand-Crafted Alternative Malaga

La Brecha is an alternative shopping mall located in a small square between Calle Nosquera and Calle Andrés Pérez with several businesses dedicated to craftsmanship, which also hosts events and exhibitions.

Among the stores at this pioneering project in Malaga, we find the legendary record store Candilejas, which reappeared at this space with its original spirit after its first premises shutdown. Candilejas dedicates an important space to local artists, flamenco and Spanish classics. As it did before, Candilejas will also serve as a ticket office for small concerts. Always betting on local culture.

Besides, the rest of the premises are home to a wide variety of businesses. From musical instruments manufacturers and restorers to minimalist style furniture designers and potters. We can also find a space for handicrafts with leather and paper: a place for scrapbooking that will have a hotspot in La Brecha, in the very heart of Malaga.

8. Albéniz Cinema Guarantees a Cinematic Plan in Malaga

The Albéniz Cinema is one of the most emblematic cinemas in Malaga, not only for its beautiful building and its original cinema rooms, but also for the kind of films, shorts and documentaries it offers.

The old rooms in the building, built in 1945, were reminiscent of Californian cinemas. At the beginning, they screened operettas, but soon enough they introduced cinema into his cultural offer. Thanks to this, it became a popular meeting point for locals. In 2008, after Malaga City Council bought it, Albéniz underwent a major restoration process and, since then, it has played a very important role in the city’s Film Festival, as numerous nominated films are screened and released here.

If you love films in original version and you are looking for what to do in Malaga, write this plan down. The Albéniz billboard features Spanish, European, Latin American and children’s films, but its hallmark is that they are all screened in original version with subtitles. You can watch films in English, French or even in Basque, a real luxury! We can’t deny that listening to the actors’ original voices has a nice ring to it…

And if you’re one of the most traditional ones, don’t worry, in its biggest room, there are also mainstream movies, live operas and concerts, and it’s equipped to offer great theatrical shows. If you are also staying at Alcazaba Premium Hostel, please check for discounts and special offers for the Albéniz Cinema at our reception desk. Will you miss it? Get your tickets now and… don’t run out of plans in Malaga!

9. Follow Malaga Hipster Fashion Trends with Peninsula Club Vintage

If you still need to get some ideas to improve your outfit for your Malaga weekend plans, come to Peninsula Club Vintage in Calle Martires and discover this place with unique creations. You could choose from a wide range of vintage clothing, as well as customised clothing and designs created from selected workshops fabrics. If you are looking for Malaga activities, go shopping and find out how this centric shop becomes your best ally when it comes to dressing up.

Classic blouses, skirts and t-shirts that will bring you back to the 80s with the best styling and brands. Moreover, if you really appreciate original clothing and want something unique: Peninsula Club Vintage designs its own clothes, so come to discover them to its shop in the very heart of Malaga from 10:30 to 14:30 and from 17:00 to 21:00. It also participates in street markets and events. So you have no excuse to always look cool and have a personal style. Discover Malaga hipster wardrobe.

10. La Térmica: Malaga Activities in a Multidisciplinary Space

Since its opening five years ago, La Térmica has managed to become a reference point for culture in Malaga. Its strong point is its historical memory and its ability to look beyond and to be accessible to all. This contemporary centre of creation, production and training is based on a modern, global and open-minded idea, whose aim is to develop an alternative Malaga through culture and the citizens’ initiative. Take a look to their varied schedule full of unique and interesting events and find out the plan that suits you best. Say goodbye to boredom because you have plenty of activities to do in Malaga.

At La Térmica there is a place for all forms of artistic expression: performing arts, fashion, films, plastic arts, music, design or architecture among many other arts.

In addition, La Térmica has another unique charm that makes it special among other Malaga activities. Its space, finished in 1912, is a huge building from the early 20th century. Since its construction, it has served as a centre for local and province children. Over time, this reception centre became the educational centre where these children received their school education.

During this new formative and cultural period, it became the central office of various workshops, such as the printing one, from which the Boletin Oficial de la Provincia was delivered. This was the beginning of La Térmica’s relationship with graphic arts.

This place, which was also the city’s Civic Centre, became La Térmica on January 18th, 2013. It was an epic opening with an unprecedented exhibition in Spain of Christopher Makos about Andy Warhol.

That’s how all started and La Térmica became the main centre of cultural information in the province. There are few areas of culture, thinking and leisure that are not represented in the quarterly calendar of La Térmica. It offers a lot of Malaga activities thanks to different seasons, classes and workshops, special events or exhibitions. The perfect alternative to enjoy culture from a different perspective.

But that’s not all. La Térmica, faithful to its origins, has increased the presence of training and recreational activities for children. La Térmica Mini organizes robotics or architecture workshops, art, photography, films and theatre classes and even holiday camps.

Don’t forget that all Malaga activities are not concentrated in the city centre. Go west and discover an alternative Malaga culture.

11. La Cochera Cabaret: An Alternative Malaga Plan to Enjoy Theatre

If you like theatre, music and humour and magic shows, La Cochera Cabaret offers all this and much more in a relaxed atmosphere and with many different options. Don’t wait any longer and enjoy this new Malaga activity.

This project was born in Malaga city centre with one main objective: to create an alternative offer in which art and fun go together. It’s not surprising that this idea was well received, so its creators decided that they have to increase their capacity. That’s how La Cochera Cabaret is set up in its current location, few steps away from La Térmica. In this new space, the spirit remains the same, a place where friends, artists and anyone who wants to tell or exhibit something has the stage at their disposal.

Take a look to its schedule to find out music, theatre, monologues and magic shows… All on the same day. Can you imagine a better way to enjoy the alternative Malaga? And all this without compromising quality. Its professional team works hard to ensure that both artists and spectators have the best experience possible.

But La Cochera Cabaret experience goes beyond the stage. Without forgetting plastic arts, as the hall design shows, this place has a space for local artists’ exhibitions. And their commitment to culture does not end there, they also teach courses with top-level teachers for professionals and amateurs fond of performing arts.

The luxury of theatre accessible to all and for all tastes. Get into the alternative Málaga from the stage of La Cochera Cabaret.

12. The Alternative Malaga Tourist Routes Are Offered by Cultopía

Cultopía is a company that clears up any doubts to those who still do not know what to do in Malaga to enjoy its history and culture. They unveil the hidden Malaga cultural heritage to young and old people alike in a very close and fresh way.

Its proposals are adapted to the needs of each public. They have guided tours and walks for any type of group and also have a special offer for schools. Who said that the cultural heritage of the hidden Malaga could not be playful, enjoyable and full of curiosities?

Although they appeared recently in the cultural panorama of the capital of the Costa del Sol, Cultopía and its thematic routes are endorsed by the Spin-Off 2011 prize by the University of Málaga, besides being a finalist project in the XI JUNIOR Prize by the city council.

And this is how this project offering thematic sightseeing tours was born. Discovering places as emblematic as the Cemetery of San Miguel, the Alcazaba (just one step away from our hostel), the Cathedral, the Carmen Thyssen Museum… All of them show a unique side of the monument. Discover and experience ten centuries of history and cultural mixture in the city, visiting the Cemetery of San Miguel at night or meeting the “Best Mayor in Malaga”, Cánovas del Castillo, on the 150th anniversary of his death. Enjoy the city’s less visible stories with a didactic and entertaining approach.

13. Contenedor Cultural at the University of Malaga: A Cinematic Alternative

The Contenedor Cultural (Cultural Container) is an entity dependent on the University of Malaga vice-chancellorship of Culture and Sport. The alternative design makes its character clear: the headquarters is made up of goods transport containers that can accommodate a wide variety of cultural activities.

The University’s Cultural Service team only coordinates the space, since its function is to serve the students and that they become masters of its cultural offer: they are not only the audience but also the actors.

A space that “contains” music, dance, films, contemporary art, exhibitions, workshops and all the projects that the student community proposes. The building is divided into several rooms such as the Mirror Room, a large workshop room and an assembly hall, equipped with projectors, blackboards, audio and video systems and, of course, a stage.

If this whole offer does not captivate you… How about the FANCINE? The Fantastic Film Festival organised entirely by the University of Malaga was born in the Contenedor Cultural. More plans in Malaga to enjoy cinema! Besides, FANCINE is a member of the European Federation of Fantastic Film Festivals and, for that reason, a short film will be selected for the Golden Méliès Award in this category from among the contestants in the city’s festival. Will you miss it?

14. Srta. White Shop: Dress Up for Your Plans in Malaga

Within the hidden Malaga alleys and next to the Thyssen Museum is the shop (or the little house, as she prefers we call it) of the Srta. White Shop. An amiable space for fashion, art, illustrations and, in short, to our emerging Spanish designers and brands. A space to get dress up differently and funnier, to get the most out of your plans in Malaga.

You want to see a dress with tomatoes? Well, they have it… Crabs in overalls, well… That too. They offer mermaid T-shirts, shirts with cats and multi-striped skirts, shorts with hearts and tropical shirts… They love different prints, the classic (but risky at the same time) shapes and the colourful styles that always raise the spirit.

At the Srta. White Shop you can breathe joy and colour…. And, yes, paying us a visit is to come out with a smile on your face because it’s inspiring and, as they say, “we have cool music”.

The brands travel from Barcelona (Béhulah and Maggie sweet) or Madrid (Compañía Fantástica), passing through Albacete (Minueto), Priego de Cordoba (our beloved Juanita Banana independent and groundbreaking design) and stopping in Mallorca (Now or never) for a dip in Malaga (together with Pepa loves).

Its owner Menchu Picarzo, passionate about fashion and styling, is always looking for and listening to customers to bring new brands and ideas to place Malaga as an alternative reference and make dressing a pleasure at any time of day.

15. Art-Shampop: Alternative Malaga Renews Its Look

Aesthetics, art and music. Is there room for all of this just in a place like that? The Art-Shampoo staff have made it: in the very heart of alternative Malaga, in Soho’s district, you can enjoy an art gallery while listening to live music or shopping for clothes and vintage furniture. But, after everything, it’s still a hairdresser.

The couple that designed this concept have been working on it for years. But since the very first moment they knew that they wanted to bring something new and distinctive to the cultural and stylistic panorama of alternative Malaga.

If you’re looking for a different place where to get that specific look you were looking for, take some advice from Art-Shampoo’s experience and creativity. And at the same time, enjoy one of its art galleries or live music. Say goodbye to those boring gossip magazines! And if your clothes are old-fashioned, you can buy an outfit that fits with your new hairstyle… What is more, if you’re lucky, you can even take with you a vintage wardrobe! Nip boredom in the bud and come to visit the place in Córdoba street.

16. Ateneo: The Most Cultural Malaga’s Activities

One of the most ancient institutions of the city is full of culture and art and brimmed with Malaga’s activities for those who want to discover another side of the hidden Malaga. The Ateneo, an active member in the cultural scene of the capital of the Costa del Sol since 1966, was founded as an association of people who love Sciences, Arts and Letters in order to promote culture in all forms regardless of the field and borders.

In all these years, it has remained as a referent in Malaga’s cultural life with milestones like the creation of offices in different municipalities of the province, a collaboration in the 1st Bienal de Flamenco in Málaga and the foundation of NeoAteneo, the section for the youth, thanks to which it obtained the Andalucía Joven Award.

We just need to take a look at its cultural offer to appreciate the extent of this institution. For instance, among its last important events, we find the Ángelo Néstore and Martín de Arriba’s CVN’T BE A MAN gallery. These authors intended to open a thoughtful debate regarding new gender identities or the 1st Cineclub Croma Anniversary “El cine que nos parió… y los amigos que lo soñaron conmigo” gallery, a tribute to all movies that marked the illustrator Agu Méndez’s life with an original posters’ reinvention. And all this in the city centre! There’s no need to go too far to enjoy this premium cultural proposal. Forget about taking the bus or your car! Discover this offer in alternative Malaga within walking distance from our hostel.

17. La Casa Amarilla: A Workspace in Alternative Malaga

La Casa Amarilla is a cultural association created by artists, managers and organizers with a wide experience in the industry. It intends to make culture the main economic focus of the city in order to promote visibility among artists and spread their creations.

Located in Malaga’s city centre, just a few minutes away from our charming hostel, there is room for art production, course and workshop organization, an art gallery and even for a shop. If you went for a walk in downtown Malaga, surely you already knew it, at least part of it. Who hasn’t stop to admire the art that comes out “La Ventana Amarilla” at least once?

In ten years, works of more than thirty national and international artists have been exhibited there… and the list is still growing. You can’t miss its workshops, including artistic techniques for enthusiasts and courses to create and design websites with the purpose of promoting its visibility. That’s how it’s done for art’s sake. If you still don’t know them and want to know what to do in Málaga, you’ll find great activities with a lot of art at 7 Santos street.

18. MVA Cultural Centre Brings Variety to Malaga’s Alternative Cultural Offer

This centre joined the local alternative culture panorama with the intention of becoming a reference. María Victoria Atencia (MVA) Provincial Cultural Centre is located in Calle Ollerías street, 34, the perfect spot for your plans in downtown Malaga. This space is already considered one of the most important cultural centres in Spain for its promotion of culture, with special emphasis on the local repertoire.

Logotipo del centro cultural de la Málaga alternativa Maria Victoria Atencia

Speaking of its repertoire, every cultural discipline has its representation here: music, film and documentary, exhibitions, dance and theatre, writing… They even have events for training and education! So, if you’re looking for alternative plans in Malaga to get to know a little more about what’s going on in the city, MVA could be your starting point.

Its offer is as varied as it is extensive, so it’s going to be difficult to decide for just one of the plans. Who said you could only take one? Check their calendar and get ready for a unique and different cultural evening that will also be supporting local culture. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect plan?

19. ola·lá Has Plans in Malaga Filled with Fashion and DIY Activities

Just a few meters away, we have another store where you can buy everything you need for your most alternative activities in Malaga. We are talking about the haberdashery ola·lá. If you like DIY crafts and sewing, it will become your flagship store. A hotchpotch that will only bring you a jolly time.

They have everything you’d possibly need for the trendiest crafts: scrapbooking, artistic lettering or painting; on top of the more traditional ones, that currently enjoy a second golden era: crochet, knitting… But what is more important is that you will find it in a very cosy and young environment, with people who share your passion for crafts. So, whether you want to create your own clothes or your passion is to customize your wardrobe, visit ola·lá and enter the world of making alternative and different clothes.

ola lá tiene todo lo que neceistas para tus planes DIY en Málaga

Sewing and crafts are not your thing? Don’t worry, ola·lá has everything sorted and they organize workshops where you can learn how to make carpets, espadrilles, Christmas decorations and everything you can imagine. Maybe you can create the most original gift for a friend’s birthday or next Christmas.

20. Villa Puchero Factory: The Alternative Melting Pot in Malaga

Its name translates to “Stew Factory Villa”, and might be misleading. Behind this name we find a leading collective in the alternative cultural circle in Malaga. Heirs of Villa Patata Factory, this group of contemporary art lovers decided to take their offer (literally) outside their home, through urban creations and performances.

Logotipo de Villa Puchero Factory, la casa cultural más alternativa de Málaga

Today, once again in a (non-)conventional space, they present their daring proposals within four walls at Alameda Principal, 4. But some things have not changed: their “konektinpipol” philosophy. The sum of efforts, talents and different perspectives.

But unlike the old organization, this new approach keeps that globe-trotting, street-going experience to amaze the public in more than one location. Not only will you find their performances at the crossing of Alameda with Calle Larios, but you can also enjoy them at Kipfer&Lover, La Invisible or even in any given street.

All of those places can become a meeting point for poetry, music, theatre, dance and plastic arts; always led by Pedro Ocaña (OKÑA), Susana Vergara, Nacho Mayorga, Jose Kipfer and Martín de Arriba. The real alternative plan in Malaga. Come to the capital’s first cultural centre-house and enjoy an unparalleled cultural immersion.

21. A Perfect Malaga Activity at The Centre for Contemporary Art

What used to be the historic building of Malaga’s Wholesale Market has become a space for the dissemination of contemporary art. Among the incredible offer of this cultural centre in Malaga’s Soho, one of the most distinctive areas of the city centre, we find permanent exhibitions of artists such as Susana Solano, Jaume Plensa, Jim Dime or Frank Stella.

Within its more than 6,000 square metres, 2,500 are reserved for different exhibitions related to an avant-garde tendency. There is no doubt that this is a place that defends the variety of artistic proposals and other cultural activities such as conferences, workshops or seminars.

In case you didn’t know, it also has a coffee bar so that, apart from enjoying a more than pleasant time between these singular masterpieces, you can take a tasty drink by the white and luminous decoration of the building. A perfect place to enjoy an afternoon in Malaga surrounded by all sorts of art.

22. Re-Read, A Bookstore That Breaks The Rules in Alternative Malaga

If you’re into books, do not hesitate and visit Re-Read, a bookstore that challenges and wants to modernize the concept of second-hand bookstores. Instead of offering old books in a silent environment, this new bookstore prefers clear and bright spaces. And even more surprising… It is a place with background music! Imagine being concentrated in the books that catch your attention while listening to a soft melody… Sounds good, right?

Re-Read was founded a few years ago in Malaga and you can find it in Calle Victoria street 27, very close to our hostel. Since its opening day, the bookstore has remained open thanks to readers who bring their books to sell them and give them a new life in someone else’s hands.

Have you ever been told that you live more lives by reading? That’s the very slogan of Re-Read: if you have books at home gathering dust, here they’ll find a new home for them. Not only that, but also they make it possible for many people to have an easier access to reading, since their prices are more affordable than in other bookstores.

If you’re looking for a Malaga activity in a bookstore, it doesn’t matter the size, the weight or the edition: you can take any book you like at the same price. When was the last time you bought a book?

23. Unhidden and Hidden Malaga at Teatro Cánovas

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a good theatre play? Maybe this is one of the most characteristic cultural spaces of alternative Malaga. Teatro Cánovas, first opened more than 25 years ago, is located in El Ejido’s university campus, a few meters from the iconic Plaza de la Merced.

Administered by the Ministry of Culture of the Regional Government of Andalusia, this theatre has room for different theatre plays: dancing, circus, theatre for babies… It holds 370 seats in combination with two new rooms: room B, with 50 seats more, and the Sala Gades, which nowadays is a reference in Malaga’s cultural scene. What’s more, within walking distance we find the Conservatorio Superior y Profesional de Danza (Higher and Professional Conservatory of Dance)… There is no better location for this theatre.

The theatre programme changes every season and there is always something to see in this place. Besides, it offers a lot of possibilities for buying tickets, with discounts and season tickets such as the “tarjeta amigo” (friend card) if you are a student, young or unemployed. In any case, the theatre always has been a resource for everyone that always catches our attention.

If you don’t know what to do in Malaga, we’re sure that you’ll find a theatre play that fits your needs. Say goodbye to boredom and come to Teatro Cánovas to enjoy the new programme.

24. Casa Sostoa, a House Museum in the Huelin Neighbourhood

If you like art and want to know what to do in Malaga, you cannot miss Casa Sostoa. The creator of this concept and owner of this house, Pedro Alarcón, wants art to make you feel at home. That is why, five years ago, he decided to turn his house into a museum that is open to the public. As you can see, it is a house full of furniture, clothes and art pieces.

Located in the Huelin neighbourhood, Casa Sostoa shows pieces of artists from Malaga in a cosy and homely environment. You will have the opportunity to enjoy exhibitions, such as MADRE —the Spanish word for “mother”—, that starts out from the concept of painting being the mother of all things and it aims to celebrate the first five years of life of the house. This exhibition includes pieces by 12 great artists: Antonio Blázquez, María Bueno, Javier Calleja, Susana Ibáñez, Emmanuel Lafont, Victoria Maldonado, Javier Map, Guillermo Martín Bermejo, Felipe Ortega-Regalado, José Luis Puche, Cristina Ramírez and Eugenio Rivas.

This museum of the alternative Malaga is free, but you will need to make a reservation. In the end, this museum is also Pedro’s house and we do not want to surprise him in his pyjamas. Live art from Malaga through a unique experience.

25. The Courtyard of La Invisible, the Most Emblematic Building of the Alternative Malaga

La Casa Invisible, which could be translated as The Invisible House, is surely an alternative place located in the very heart of Malaga. This social and cultural centre managed by the citizens is located in an ancient palace, inside the ancient Nasrid wall of the city. Almost hidden among the alleys in the city centre, this abandoned building was opened to the public in 2007 and it has been offering a great variety of cultural activities for everyone since then.

The building is divided into two main wings that meet in a courtyard full of plants inviting you to relax. It is here where all artisan/charity street markets and live concerts take place. They also serve homemade food all year round.

If you are interested in knowing a unique cultural and educational offer, do not miss any of the workshops or talks held in La Casa Invisible. Women in literature, sustainable alternatives, exhibitions, dance, architecture, book clubs or film circles are some of the free activities you can enjoy inside this historical building.

La Casa Invisible also organizes mass mobilization activities in order to raise awareness of climate change, housing crisis, evictions or feminism. Spend a unique evening and surround yourself with the alternative culture in the city.

26. Caverna de Amores, Home of the Theatre, Dance and Music

This cultural association is located at 10, Amores street. It is a gift for true art lovers, a meeting place for the artist and the audience, where they can live the show with all senses. Since 2010, it has offered visitors a space for creation, exhibition, learning and recording. Art by different artists so everyone can enjoy it.

La Caverna de Amores has two recording studios and a multidisciplinary room of over 100m2 that is used to train art professionals, for company rehearsals or various technique workshops.

True art lovers can visit the exhibitions shown in the walls around La Caverna and attend concerts, dance and body language workshops, alternative plays and many more activities organized by this association.

If you are interested in performing arts and want to master your technique, you can join a course in La Caverna de Amores. Their training courses are designed for all kind of artists: actors, directors, dancers… Even the little ones will be able to express themselves through dance in this alternative and cultural space.

27. Oasis Rooftop Terrace in Malaga: Discover the Alternative Malaga from the Top

The alternative Malaga is not only at street level, but also a few meters away under the sky. Oasis Rooftop Terrace is an idyllic place where you can sip wonderful cocktails while enjoying the breathtaking views of a beautiful sunset in Malaga. But there is more… this rooftop terrace offers you the opportunity to enjoy a plan in Malaga that includes a charming evening in the best company to the sound of chill out music.

The Oasis Rooftop Terrace is the perfect solution for that moment when you don’t know what to do in Malaga without leaving the old town.

With the sunny weather, it is the perfect time to taste the varied cocktails at the Oasis. Fruity, citrus or extremely daring flavours: the options are endless in this musical oasis. On top of that, it has a professional team, member of the Association of Barmen of Spain and the National Association of Sommeliers, whose speciality is the delicious and exclusive gin and tonic.

If you are looking for a shelter in the very heart of Malaga, this is the perfect place. There are many special spots in alternative Malaga and, of course, some of them are close to the sky. You’ll feel like on cloud nine surrounded by the incomparable atmosphere of this wonderful rooftop terrace and a very special gin and tonic.

28. Art & Breakfast: A Really Artistic Plan in Malaga

Art & Breakfast, one of the most eagerly awaited events in alternative Malaga scene, will be held again in our city from June 14 to June 16. This year, Alcazaba Premium Hostel is honoured to host its fifth edition and we have everything ready to make it an unforgettable event. Art & Breakfast is a true artistic event that brings together all kinds of artists, as well as countless national and international collectives. It also has room for both art lovers who are looking forward to this event, as well as those who are still unclear about what to do in Malaga during that weekend.

This is quite a striking and original plan in Malaga where you will live a singular experience related to the world of art. In every room of our hostel, artists will organize workshops, exhibitions, demonstrations and other activities that will leave you with speechless for their enormous creativity and imagination. Thanks to this event, the alternative Malaga moves to other emblematic places of the city such as the Picasso Museum, the Centre Pompidou or the Carmen Thyssen Museum, where you can also discover the artistic trends of Art & Breakfast.

You will get the freshest art coming this summer month. Immerse yourself in today’s artistic panorama and don’t miss the artists’ proposals if you want to grasp the genuine essence of this event in the very heart of Malaga.

Without a doubt, the alternative Malaga has many plans for you, so don’t wait until they tell you all about it and discover them first hand. And remember, this is just a small sample… Our proposal is constantly being updated. Stay tuned and check out our news section on our website and discover the next update for the best alternative plans in Malaga.



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