Alcazaba Premium Hostel Rooftop Terrace and the best Flair in Costa del Sol

Did you know the barmen in our Rooftop Terrace are among the best in Spain? Did you also know our Terrace is one of the few places in Malaga where you can enjoy amazing acrobatics and wonderful cocktails?

Our skilled bartenders have taken part in several and well-known competitions and have obtained different awards and prizes, which make them true artists and references within the cocktail and flairtending world. As it happens, in our professional team we are proud to have the second best and the fourth best ranked barmen in Spain, in the National Flair Bartending Championship. The last of these competitions, the Malaga Flair Bartending Contest (a competition which is only for those professionals with a yellow qualification), was recently held in the Rooftop Terrace of our boutique hostel, on last July 28th. In this competition, Alcazaba Premium Hostel team obtained a wonderful third position.

The flair bartending or flairtending is the practice of bartenders entertaining guests with the manipulation of cocktail shakers or liquor bottles in amazing and dazzling ways. Only skilled professionals can make these preparations and offer a fascinating show and diverse juggling acts: Alcazaba Premium Hostel bartenders have different entitlements and certifications, which endorse their skills, their good deeds and professionalism.

In the Rooftop Terrace staff, we are happy to have three waiters holding the WFA (World Flair Association) White and Yellow qualifications and one waiter holding the WFA White, Yellow, Green, Orange and Blue qualifications. Moreover, two of our sommeliers hold the Official Degree of the Sommelier Association (locally, nationally and internationally) and our bartenders hold the corresponding qualification by the Federación ABE (Spanish Barmen Association Federation).

In our featured accommodation in Malaga, the most important thing for us is making our guests enjoy, relax and feel at home. For this reason, apart from taking extreme care and attention in the boutique hostel facilities, it is vital to rely on an expert, skilled and qualified staff who will assure a relaxed, unforgettable and confortable stay.

In particular, our stunning Rooftop Terrace, located right in the Malaga centre, is one of the few spots in the province where, thanks to the high qualification of our staff, you can enjoy an special and striking ability: the flair bartending.

Don’t miss this unique and different show, almost exclusive in our hostel in Malaga. Visit the Alcazaba Premium Hostel Rooftop Terrace and have a first hand experience with the flair bartending!

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